Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dealing with my debt

This is a new start for me, A blog all about my debt, spending habits and what I want and really should save for instead of banging on numerous credit cards as if im not careful im going to get myself in the shit big time

I dont know what I owe exactly I would need to dig out all my bills etc but I owe more then I am comfortable with owing

I have a couple of grand on a couple of cards at 0% and two cards that I use to spend on!

I have a few catalogue accounts which I buy stuff and they are 0% too except for next, Im not sure of the APR on that but basically I have bought a little notepad and I am going to note everything I have bought that day and my reasons for buying, also what I wanted to buy but didnt because I know I really shouldnt!

Hopefully doing this will stop me spending money I dont have, well I can only hope!

Soon I will write down every debt I have up to todays date and how much I pay a month

Also I am going to be starting a Sealed Pot Challenge, basically I will seal the jar and me and john will put change and maybe the ocassional note inside and will open at the end of 2009! and buy something big like a new tv or go on a nice shopping spree thats if there is enough cash for that...

Ok thats basically what this Blog is about so bye for now...



Why did I buy it? As i dont have one, Im fed up with using the grill, Its quicker then using the grill and safer with little ones about.

Could you not have bought the one for £14? Yes possibly but this one is higher quality, wider so can fit those big thick loafs of bread in, well the slices, and defrosts, I could go on!

Method of payment Bank Account (currently overdrawn)
Forgot I bought a 7 tefal pan set £65 on Great Universal Catalogue company -pay so much a month over a year so doesnt work out as much
A car rug £12 too...
See what im like, I forgot I had even bought it!

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  1. friend your money looks funny to us americans, its all colorful and i would be spending it like monopoly money.....oh wait i do that already