Saturday, 3 January 2009

Better Write Something

Its day 3 of January and Ive been pretty good I have spent £16 and that was on baby grows for Charlie as he is outgoing his 6-9mth ones

I still havent looked in my file bulging with statements to figure out how much I actually own I dont know if I publically want to display it on here either to be honest but I might do...who cares I got myself in this situation I have to work myself out of it

I have a few ideas of what I can do to save a little....

We have a chocolate tin its a decent size, have sealed it with brown parcel tape and put a slit on the top, The idea is we cant see whats in it, and we are not allowed to open it but we have to put money in, mostly change but id like to put in the odd note so bump it up a bit then when its full or at the end of the year we open it up and decide what to spend it on...maybe enough for a new tv, or to go on a nice shopping spree....thats the idea il let you know how we get on with it

We have changed our mortgage date so we have like a month over what we did which helps alot

Also doing a car boot sale (flea market to you americans) next Sunday which will be brillant for getting rid of crap but also great for making a bit of money before our holiday to center parcs

I shouldnt have booked this holiday, its only £300 for all 4 of us MONDAY to FRIDAY 12th January and its really nice in Cumbria lake district, some time to get away and chill out a little but we need some spending money really, eating out is quite expensive on the sites but we dont want to stay in all the time, We did a few activities last time, like i did quad biking and archery but we arent doing anything like this time, we just want to go swimming which is included in the price and go for walks and just chill out...

As its only monday to friday im planning on working all the weekend to catch up on my hours so shouldnt lose out on too much money although John will lose out as he is self employed too but says he is going to do a bit of work while he is out there

I just have to make sure Im very frugal and dont spend on anything I dont need to get my overdraft down as its at its max and the whole idea of having an overdraft is for emergencies like if my car needed repairing or if something happend to my house which wasnt covered by my house insurance

I dont smoke anymore, Gave up in 2005 so I cant save money there

I dont Drink so cant save money there

Will buy only 1 Trashy mag a week instead of 3!

And wont be buying any NO NOTHING for myself at all, ZILCH for a couple of months

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dealing with my debt

This is a new start for me, A blog all about my debt, spending habits and what I want and really should save for instead of banging on numerous credit cards as if im not careful im going to get myself in the shit big time

I dont know what I owe exactly I would need to dig out all my bills etc but I owe more then I am comfortable with owing

I have a couple of grand on a couple of cards at 0% and two cards that I use to spend on!

I have a few catalogue accounts which I buy stuff and they are 0% too except for next, Im not sure of the APR on that but basically I have bought a little notepad and I am going to note everything I have bought that day and my reasons for buying, also what I wanted to buy but didnt because I know I really shouldnt!

Hopefully doing this will stop me spending money I dont have, well I can only hope!

Soon I will write down every debt I have up to todays date and how much I pay a month

Also I am going to be starting a Sealed Pot Challenge, basically I will seal the jar and me and john will put change and maybe the ocassional note inside and will open at the end of 2009! and buy something big like a new tv or go on a nice shopping spree thats if there is enough cash for that...

Ok thats basically what this Blog is about so bye for now...



Why did I buy it? As i dont have one, Im fed up with using the grill, Its quicker then using the grill and safer with little ones about.

Could you not have bought the one for £14? Yes possibly but this one is higher quality, wider so can fit those big thick loafs of bread in, well the slices, and defrosts, I could go on!

Method of payment Bank Account (currently overdrawn)
Forgot I bought a 7 tefal pan set £65 on Great Universal Catalogue company -pay so much a month over a year so doesnt work out as much
A car rug £12 too...
See what im like, I forgot I had even bought it!